His Brief Bio!
“This is me. ..” He said smiling; “…If they ask you about me, tell them, that HK is a son of Bi. Bagaile Lumola and Bw. Mahampa Kigwangallah. He hails from a humble family, a mother being a primary school teacher converted into a politician and the father is a banker transformed by life and love for writing into a journalist. HK grew up in the slums of Nzega town, spent some few years of his young age at Goweko, Mlimani, Uyui district before going back to Nzega town again. The route for his journey which started on the 7th of August 1975 has been tough, rough and enduring. The results of which is the man you see today. From a poor boy in the slums of Nzega, raised by a single mother and grandparents, in a typical extended family, he travelled to reach the corridors of the most acclaimed medical school in Tanzania, where he graduated successfully in 2004, and to the libraries of the internationally acclaimed centers of excellence in training and cutting age research and culminated into winning a parliamentary seat in the October 2010 general elections and his journey is still on, still getting interesting! It will never fail to astonish you.”

“Tell them further that, he is a husband to a beautiful wife, Bayoum Awadhi Kigwangalla and father to two beautiful daughters, Sheila Kahabi Kigwangalla and Hawwah Siasa Kigwangalla. His Vision is to one day see everyone in the world enjoying what the world offers, and has a Mission to be the voice that shouts for those who cannot speak, ears to those who cannot hear, and eyes to those who cannot see!”

If you need to read about an inspiration story of a young fighter who surpassed all hurdles to achieve his goals then this is the story. It is a story of survival and dreams; it is a story of a man with a purpose, a man capable of reaching anywhere! It is a story of hope… a story of a man who have endured trials and tribulations of life, and too celebrated triumphs. It is a story of a young man who battled and triumphed against Kwashiakor as a child, against abject poverty as a pupil, and stuck to the race until he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine Degree and on to his Masters degrees in Public Health and Business Administration, and managed to establish a successful business company and finally into the Parliament of Tanzania.

This is a kind of guy one of my friends would call ‘King’ang’anizi!’ (‘Sticky!’ Is it?) or ‘Mbishi!’


Dr. Hamisi A. Kigwangalla (MP) is a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Services, overseeing the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


He won the Rotary Youth Leadership Award in 2004
He won the Savelife Club’s 2004 Award ‘The Student who offered the most contribution in the lives of others on-campus’
Shinyanga High School, Best Student Awards – Overall Top Position in Class (Overall top scorer in Chemistry and Biology)
Shinyanga High School, Best Student Awards – Leadership and Service for others

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