Development Focus & Strategy

My simple and humble life has a strong foundation in the philosophy that is deep-rooted in the principles of Equity and Justice. Myself, hailing from a humble background and growing up in an extended family milieu, found love and basis for my efforts to represent the interests of the needy. I from the outset elected to be a pragmatic voice pushing for increased involvement and inclusion of the vulnerable and the poor, pushing as much for a decreased gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘don’t haves’. I am geared to work hard to bridge the gap between the two social groups, and I will continue to push for the creation of policies, programs and making of legislatures and decisions that bridges the social and economic divide among Tanzanians.

I, being a practical person and result oriented, have planned to push forward the following agenda for the development of a better, advanced and friendlier Nzega. I have decided to invest all my energy and efforts in accomplishing my five year mission into the following five (5) priority areas, since I believe that I would not be able, as much as I would wish, to meet up to all that I desire, given the time and the resources available. I believe in the philosophy that ‘to plan is to choose!’

2. Poverty eradication or alleviation?

This is a question many would answer pessimistically. For me, the answer is different. I think and strongly believe that it is possible to eradicate abject poverty in Nzega and in that direction, I am optimistic that we could eliminate poverty in Nzega through robust plans and strategies geared at mainstreaming investment in agriculture and related agro-processing industries. I am calling on all stakeholders to put more emphasis on agricultural programmes and to act with new vigour and energy towards this end. My focus here is mainly on two strategic actions:

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