Education & Sports Development

1.The number one priority is on Education, sports and cultural development.

I believe that education is the key to everything and thus it forms the backbone of my strategic focus. Given the threat that with free market economy, even on education services, the poor would be sidelined and will miss an opportunity for good quality education, I believe in the improvement of public schools which offers a chance for many poor people going to these schools. This will diminish the possibility that leaders in all facets of life would be those born from the ‘haves’ and followers from the ‘don’t haves’. And here my purpose is to set pace for increased equity in education among Nzegans. The focus here is on the following strategic objectives:

  1. i.) To focus in on the establishment of 10 high schools, five in each of the two divisions of the constituency. The plan is to construct 5 high schools from scratches and to upgrade 5 existing secondary schools into high schools. It is envisaged that the schools would be constructed using funds from the following sources; the Nzega citizens, the local government (at least two schools), the constituency development catalyst fund (at least three schools), the donors and friends of Nzega (at least 2 schools) and the investors like the Resolute (T) Ltd’s Golden Pride Project (at least 3 schools). Efforts are underway to ensure that at least construction of three high schools starts this year. Already the CDCF committee has dedicated a significant amount of funds for the construction of one school and completion of another. Interested parties are invited for ideas and contribution.
  2. ii.) The Office of the Member of Parliament in collaboration with The Peercorps Trust Fund, a local NGO, has established The Hamisi Kigwangalla Scholarship Programme that aims at assisting students from disadvantaged vulnerable poor families (orphans, children living with grandparents or disabled guardians) with school fees and other expenses. So far more than 450 students are benefitting from the programme. The scheme involves an open, legitimate and fair selection process for students through open applications made to the committees in each ward chaired by the Ward Councilor with among members, local religious leaders, renowned elders in the community, party representatives and the Ward Executive Officer. The beneficiaries are students registered in Secondary Schools (more than 90%) as well as those in middle level and tertiary institutions. The Hamisi Kigwangalla Scholarship Programme is managed with technical assistance of The PeerCorps Trust Fund (, an activist non-governmental organization founded in 2004 by the Honorable member in association with colleagues.
  3. iii.) To push for the establishment of a Vocational and Educational Training Institution in Nzega. This will cater for the group of young people in need of hand-on skills. The programme is a countrywide initiative included in the ruling party’s CCM Election Manifesto 2010-2015.
  4. iv.) To establish a tertiary level learning institution. Through my own efforts I have embarked to engage myself in a major effort to invest in the construction of a privately owned and managed higher learning institution in Nzega. It is envisaged that the institution would provide graduates and middle level technicians in health, education and development professions. The college is in construction phases, as we speak, and it is planned for official opening and registration of students in the coming academic admission cycle (September 2012). The plan is to have, in each course, 5 non-paying students (under the The Hamisi Kigwangalla Scholarship Programme) who would upon successful completion of their studies be employed by the District Council, on a special arrangement and contract, for a period of not less than 5 years to expand the Human workforce in Nzega without transfer. It is expected that the retention rate of this group will be high given their background and loyalty to Nzega as their homeland.
  5. v.) The fifth strategic focus on education is on the improvement and expansion of library, laboratory and meals and accommodation services for students. The plan is to ensure the district budget has a special focus on these as well as to use our efforts to attract donors, friends and investors.
  6. vi.) The Mtu Kwao Festival ( is a concept for attracting cultural tourism in Nzega among Tanzanians as well as tourists from abroad. This is planned to be an annual event which will be organized in summer of every year at Nzega and whereby several artists would be invited to stage their performances and showcase their artistic work. The most predominant groups invited will be those coming from Nzega, Tabora and the whole of the Sukuma zone. Not only that the event will create employment but also would increase money circulation and uplift the nyamwezi/sukuma culture.

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