Healthcare Services

  1. i.) The first priority is to ensure that the Primary Health care (PHC) Services are available, accessible and of high quality to the people of Nzega. He has embarked in a campaign to ensure that each village in Nzega constructs a dispensary and each ward a health center, complete with staff quarters. To begin with he has pushed the council to set own funds in the 2011/2012 budget for the completion of all buildings that have been built by villagers so as to motivate them to complete all other requirements. He is also involving the Resolute (Tanzania) Ltd to construct some. Having buildings is one thing, having quality health services is another; realizing this, he is making efforts to push for the improved supply of medicines and equipments as well as trained healthcare workers.
  2. ii.) Medical services camps – the honorable MP is organizing for medical service camps in Nzega. The camps will offer services that are traditionally unavailable in District hospitals, such as Internal medicine clinics, specialist surgical and gynecological clinics and procedures, super-specialist services in eye, ear, nose and throat. The committee that is responsible for organizing these services is already set and plans are underway to secure financing and set an implementation timetable.
  3. iii.) Community Health Fund – the Hon. MP in his working visit to the villages has established a campaign together with Councilors to educate people on the importance and modus operandi of the CHF. The idea is to get as many people as possible on board the financing scheme for health services.
  4. iv.) In realizing the staffing challenges faced by many of the dispensaries and health centers in his constituency, the Hon. MP using his own private company is engaged in the construction of a tertiary learning institution in Nzega. The center will produce graduates in the nursing, pharmacy, and clinical medicine and education cadres, at the level of certificates, diplomas and degrees. The idea is to enroll at least five sponsored students (from families with no means), from schools in Nzega constituency, in each of the courses on a special contract that upon graduation they will have a compulsory minimum five year period to serve at Nzega. Arrangements will be made with the government for this to be possible.

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