Infrastructure Development

  1. i.) Building a New Nzega! This is a rural housing initiative that I am proposing for people living in villages in Nzega to adopt voluntarily. I have commissioned experts to work on designing low cost, strong, durable, modern and small houses; there would be a number of options for interested people to choose from. Also to re-design the face of our villages especially centers. This would allow for a new Nzega to be dreamt of and built.
  2. ii.) Rural electrification project – the Honorable MP has worked hard to ensure the project that was promised in the CCM election Manifesto 2010 – 2015 for electrification of Ndala and Bukene townships and villages where the transmission line would pass, is implemented timely. We are happy now the project is under implementation.
  3. iii.) Improving the road network by pushing for the increased budget in the construction of roads and bridges heading to hard to reach areas; especially those connecting villages with other villages and with wards. He has himself influenced that the CDCF committee passes a decision to construct two important bridges – the Nhobhola River and the Ijanija River bridges. These two areas were among those which longed for having bridges to enable them connecting with their ward headquarters; this year they will be hopeful that they will have bridges constructed, thanks to their CDCF funds.
  4. iv.) Construction of the Nzega – Tabora tarmac road – the MP has taken the challenge to follow up and supervise the construction of the Nzega – Tabora road very seriously as he understands its importance to the economy of Nzega, and besides it is a promise in the 2010 – 2015 CCM Election Manifesto. He is keen to see that all people resident in the road reserve area are properly and timely compensated and that no dispute or misunderstanding shall arise in the process. He has negotiated with the contractors that they should consider giving jobs (casual and even technical) to people in the local areas first before they consider non-residents.
  5. v.) The MP is pushing for the construction of 20Kms of tarmac roads in Nzega town. He is working on two strategies: first securing funds from Resolute (Tanzania) Ltd, whom had promised as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program and upon negotiations had requested for proposals to be submitted to them, and it is submitted as such, and secondly, to slowly, as a council to budget at least for the construction of 5Kms of tarmac road in Nzega town.
  6. vi.) Lighting Nzega Town! This is an initiative that the MP is pushing forward, that there shall be street lamps constructed and lighting up the town.

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