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Hamisi Kigwangalla, The Story

On responding as to “why a politician of today has to have a website?” Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla, calm, smart and an ambitious politician, activist and academic says:

“I believe in technological advancements and that their use is divine. I believe that technology provides solutions to some existing problems, it never comes just naturally, and it comes from man’s struggle to find solutions. I therefore, see the digital age as an opportunity that could be used for political, economic as well as social missions. It is a solution and a pathway to new horizons and therefore our people, not only politicians, have to use it effectively so as to come to the mainstream of the globalised single economy. I therefore commend you guys for having to think that I need a smart and informative website as I will use it to express myself so that people will learn about me, my vision, mission and efforts to serve the people of Nzega and my country.” He continues; “I know there is a digital divide that will limit people from inner Nzega to access and communicate with their representative but with the advent of education and rural information and communication technology efforts by the government and other stakeholders I believe more and more people will become technologically inclined and will harness the benefits of technological advancements.”

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