Water Supply Services

  1. i.) Lake Victoria Water Supply Project – the Honorable MP is working hard, in conjunction with fellow neighbouring colleagues, to oversee that in the five year period he is representing the people of Nzega, the CCM election manifesto is properly implemented. He is endeavouring to see that the promise made by his Excellency Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, during the election campaign rallies, to connect Nzega to the Lake Victoria Water Supply project is becoming possible. This project will leave many villages and town centers with clean and available water supply throughout the year. He ensured that in the 2011/12 fiscal year, the government planned in the budget for a detailed design. He, since then, has asked three questions in the parliament and has delivered a strong contribution on the same.
  2. ii.) Well drilling – the office of the Member of Parliament in collaboration with the Constituency Development Catalyst Fund Committee, which he chairs, and the people of the various Villages, who needs water, has elected to use part of the funds from the Constituency Development Catalyst Fund (CDCF) and own contribution by the member of parliament to enable the constituency to own a well drilling machine that will make it possible, very quickly, for the people of Nzega to have clean and accessible water in their localities.
  3. iii.) Water Aid Project in Milambo Itobo – the Hon. MP is happy and congratulate our partners Water Aid project for the construction of deep wells in Milambo Itobo Ward. The Hon. Councillors Mr. Raphael Lwenge is commended too for his efforts in making the project possible through Water Aid.

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